Dan SlingerChief Estimator

    First job?
    Delivery driver for an Italian restaurant.

    In my spare time …
    I like to be outdoors: Surfing, playing softball, hiking, and camping.

    Favorite quote?
    The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. — Christopher McCandless

    Favorite advice?
    Ask for what you want, not for what you’re trying to avoid.

    Dan Slinger decided on a career in habitat restoration when he was still in college.

    “I liked the idea of rehabilitating natural habitats and preserving open space,” he says, “so I completed an internship with California State Parks that focused on habitat restoration.”

    His next step was to apply for a position at “the premier habitat restoration contractor,” Natures Image, where he’s been ever since. He’s never considered working in another field.

    “I was born to do this,” he says, excited by “the challenging projects and the opportunity to grow with a great company.”

    He also appreciates the variety. “I like that every project is unique and requires a different approach to achieve project goals.”

    As an estimator, it’s his job to oversee and develop cost estimates and proposals. But above all, he strives to propose “the most innovative and economical solutions to meeting the goals of our clients’ projects.” He envisions his legacy as increased client and employee satisfaction.

    He describes himself as analytical, driven and loyal, all traits that help him in his estimator’s role. But he calls follow-through and adaptability the secrets to his success.

    What does he know now he wishes he had learned earlier? “Sell a ‘why,’ not a ‘what.’”

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