Andrew “AJ” FoxChief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President

What would you be if you weren’t in this business?
An artist. However, I can’t draw to save my life, so here I’ll stay!

First job?
Dragging hose for chemical application company in New York in the summer!

Golf and home repair projects

Favorite advice?
There are some things money can’t buy: manners, morals, and integrity.

  • ISA Certified Arborist # WE-11325A
  • ISA Certified Municipal Specialist #WE-11325AM
  • ISA Qualified Risk Assessor

Before Natures Image, AJ Fox was in the commercial landscape industry, serving as vice president and regional manager for TruGreen LandCare.

While there, he developed a national water management service line and a national education program for the American Society of Landscape Architects. Prior to that, he worked for tree transplanting experts Environmental Design & Davy.

After working in an industry where green lawns are of paramount importance, AJ says it took him six months to get acclimated to an enterprise where “a lot of the foliage is dead stuff.”

Asking “Why?”

Nevertheless, he’s thrilled to be working at Natures Image where, he says, “I have a chance to truly disrupt and reinvent an industry.” But the best part of working there, he says, are his coworkers, whom he describes as “a fun team.” Asked to detail his duties, he quips, “I’m the person who regularly gets to ask ‘Why?’”

More specifically, he oversees business partnerships and marketing services, in the process managing client expectations, researching cutting-edge technologies and opportunities, and ensuring successful completion of projects.

Always pushing his limits

AJ credits his success to his sense of humor, personal drive and a willingness to be wrong. Plus, he’s always pushing forward to the next challenge. A certified arborist and qualified tree risk assessor, AJ is passionate about protecting trees, one of the earth’s significant ecological assets.

But ask him what he’s most proud of, and he’ll tell you it’s his family: wife, Paula, and daughter, Haley.

Invested as he is in restoring native habitat, the legacy he hopes to leave seems assured: “I left it better than I found it.”

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