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Why Choose Natures Image?

solid people

Natures Image stands behind our promises and our employees.

The way we treat employees is the way we treat our clients. Most of our employees — whether administrative, supervisors or field workers — have been with us for years. That’s despite the grueling nature of the field work and the dangers that can be encountered out in the wilderness, including bears, cougars and snakes.

Of the first two employees we hired in 1995, one remains with us; the other retired from the company in 2017.

solid solutions

Our field crews are trained and experienced in the identification, handling and care of hundreds of native plant species, including endangered and protected species. This field expertise is vital — it significantly reduces a project’s risk of incurring unexpected costs through damage or destruction of critical native species.

We own a full complement of heavy equipment used in the restoration process. We are also the only company with a seed imprinter we developed that works on slopes. With our specialized machinery, we can clear thousands of acres of the toughest growth.

solid results

Clients know us for putting quality projects together, completing our projects, doing quality work and being resourceful.

Each project is unique, and everything is custom. The goal is to create a functioning ecosystem with long-term sustainability — one that will thrive with as little human intervention as possible.

Natures Image delivers on:


your investment

We develop innovative solutions that accommodate your budget. Our overriding goal is to ensure that every dollar you spend generates maximum environmental benefit and overall project success.


your schedule

We can meet your schedule, even if you’re behind. We’ve completed multiple projects that were signed off early — as much as two years before the five-year deadline for sustainability.


your success

Healing native habitat isn’t a haphazard venture. You need technical knowledge, proven experience and highly specialized equipment. Rely on us. We’ve completed hundreds of successful restoration projects for public and private clients on thousands of acres throughout the West.


healing environments

We heal native habitats.

Natures Image is your partner when it comes to restoring native habitat. As an award-winning native habitat restoration and mitigation company, we are recognized for our ability to successfully heal native habitats to create self-sustaining ecosystems — on time and on budget.

the business of nature

solid people. solid solutions. solid results.



years in business



habitats restored



miles of irrigation laid



acres hydroseeded






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Habitat Construction & Restoration

  • Sustainable Revegetation
  • Exotic Weed Abatement
  • Seed Imprinting
  • Erosion Control
  • Trapping Arrays
  • Straw Blowing
  • Irrigation Design & Installation
  • Pesticide Spraying
  • Aquatic Planting
  • Plant Salvage
  • Hydroseeding
  • Critter Fencing
  • Site Clearing

Establishment & Maintenance

  • Maintenance
  • Remote Watering

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success stories

Exotic Weed Abatement

Exotic Weed Abatement

When Natures Image started working with San Diego National Wildlife Refuge, the vernal pool site was predominantly bare soil. We successfully controlled the exotic weed coverage, achieving no more than 10 percent of exotic annual weeds in the uplands and no more than 5 percent in the vernal pools.

Sustainable Revegetation

Sustainable Revegetation

This project consisted of 50 acres of mitigation, irrigation and plant establishment in Vista, California. Specific tasks included irrigation installation and maintenance, erosion control, weeding, soil imprinting, plant procurement, plant installation and plant establishment.


Need a consultant to develop your implementation plan?

Navigating the maze of environmental regulatory and jurisdictional agencies isn’t easy. That’s why we founded HANA Resources. We design sound restoration plans that keep your project in compliance from beginning to end.

We bring patent pending and proprietary technologies to the table to deliver a process-driven compliance methodology that minimizes errors and facilitates successful project completion.


Looking to map and evaluate plant health and plant species coverage?

We founded EcoAnalytics with the goal of making site evaluations easy and standardized. Using our proprietary approach to drone data collection along with our custom architecture deep neural network for classification, EcoAnalytics has paved the way for quick and consistent data collection and evaluation.

EcoAnalytics opens the door for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike to map out areas and easily understand site species coverage and plant health.

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