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Red Monkeyflower
Mimulus puniceus

Woody subshrub, dark green narrow leaves, crimson to brick-red flowers.

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habitat restoration
habitat restoration

15 acres of grassland, riparian, coastal sage scrub located in San Juan Capistrano.

Our company’s overriding goal is always to ensure that every dollar you spend generates maximum environmental benefit and overall project success. We continually seek new and better ways to improve our services and bring industry-leading value and economy to every job. We are committed to being a conscientious leader in the industry with a reputation for quality and effectiveness. Through our restoration and preservation efforts, we seek to stimulate awareness, appreciation and a connection with nature.

At Natures Image, bringing new life to native habitats is more than a business. It’s a passion. We approach each project as a partnership with our clients. Our commitment is to create a functioning ecosystem with long-term sustainability—one that will thrive with as little human intervention as possible.

The successful restoration strategies we develop and implement to meet your native habitat’s unique needs and existing conditions are a result of our staff’s technical expertise and outside-the-box thinking. We not only know what needs to be done to meet your restoration goals, we’re experts in developing new and innovative methods to execute those strategies.


We Treat Your Project as a Partnership.
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